*Fees are subject to change.

$500* with a workshop
$600* without a workshop

$550* 2-3 hour
$750* 5 hour
$850* 6 hour

*plus travel expenses (meals, accommodations, mileage, airfare)

Additional Requirements:
Workshops are limited to a maximum of 20 students.
McCaffery will make the flight arrangements. The group must pay for the air
fare expenses when the flight arrangements are made. Every effort will be
made to get the best rates.
The group will provide meals (low carb) and accommodations for the
instructor while in the area and en route. Please request a single
non-smoking room with an inside entrance (safety) and a main floor hotel
room if there is no elevator.
In my workshops and lectures, a number of items will be available for sale
to interested students. The guild/conference will not expect to collect any
commission on these sales.