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Inspiration & Development of a Quilt Artist Slide Show
Traveling through time, we will witness the evolution of one Quilter from traditional bed quilts to contemporary wall pieces. You will see what has influenced some of the Quilter’s designs. This is a FAST paced slide lecture. It is a favorite for all because there is a wide variety of different styles of quilts.
(1 Hour)
ContemplationPortrait Quilts Lecture
Everyone loves a face. There is a wide variety of ways to capture people in quilts. This lecture will explore many different peoples portrait quilts. You will also see how easily I create my own portrait quilts using a guideline drawing under the fabric (so I can see exactly where to paint the features). A fast paced slide lecture with actual quilts. Check out my book "Portrait Quilts: Painted Faces You Can Do". See some Portrait Quilts.
(1 Hour)